(OT) UN declares Internet access a "human right"

Joly MacFie joly at punkcast.com
Tue Jun 7 04:10:58 UTC 2011


On Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 1:33 AM, JC Dill <jcdill.lists at gmail.com> wrote:

> There's a significant difference between Internet "access" and Internet
> "service".  I have access to the roads.  But that doesn't magically get me
> vehicular transportation from place A to place B.  I need to buy a bus
> ticket, or buy a car and gasoline, in order to get service over these roads
> to transport myself from place A to place B.
> When the UN says that Internet access is a human right, they aren't saying
> it should be provided for free, but they are saying that it should be
> available (for those who can afford a service fee), and more importantly
> that cutting it off for political purposes should be treated as a violation
> of human rights of freedom of assembly and communication.  In the 1700s the
> US revolution and subsequent state formation (the United States of America)
> was created first by people assembling at public halls and private houses.
>  In 2011, the Arab Spring revolutions have taken place by public assemblies
> that were initially organized in internet forums (Facebook, Twitter, private
> blogs, etc.).  I do not see anything wrong with the UN position on Internet
> access.
> jc

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