v6 proof of life

Wes Hardaker wjhns61 at hardakers.net
Tue Jun 7 03:47:04 UTC 2011

>>>>> On Mon, 06 Jun 2011 23:56:32 +0000, Paul Vixie <vixie at isc.org> said:

PV> it's been a while since i looked at the query stream still hitting
PV> importantly and happily, there's a great deal of IPv6 happening
PV> here.

Which is reaffirming what many have said for a while: it'll be the
server-to-server traffic that will first peak.  It's just going to take
the client-server relationships years to catch up.  Every time I look at
my maillogs I've found there is quite a bit of v6 happening.  But the
web logs show almost nothing.
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