Microsoft's participation in World IPv6 day

Jason Fesler jfesler at
Mon Jun 6 14:30:20 UTC 2011

> In that case can anyone explain why the number of IPv4 *only* systems is 
> increasing rather than decreasing:

Increased traffic from less-geeky people = more sane numbers overall.  The 
problem with the graphs on that site is that the audience is self 
selecting; so only when some major site says "go here!" do we get a more 
random(ish) audience, versus people setting up tunnelbrokers and the like.

> I would have expected the green+azure areas in those graphs to have increased 
> in the past half year but counter-intutitively, it appears that IPv4 only 
> usage is increasing.

You're assuming there's significant rollout of IPv6.  Everything I've seen 
so far says that *starts* nowish, and more laterish this year, in any 
impacting way.  Really, we're just just before the start of getting end 
user adoption to start rising.

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