7206 NPE-G2 with 4 full table feeds

Eric Morin Eric.Morin at corp.xplornet.com
Wed Jun 1 19:09:38 UTC 2011


I have an application where I have a 7206 with NPE-G2 (1G RAM) that
currently has a full table from an eBGP peer and a full table from a
co-located IBGP peer. I want to mesh this guy to two other IBGP peers
that will also send their full tables. There is roughly 400Mbps (adding
both direction) with an OSPF process (<30 routes) and an ISIS process
(<20 routes).


I haven't been very successful at finding real life BGP scaling for this
platform and was hoping that someone out there may be doing something
similar (4 x full table feeds with ~400Mbps) and can provide feedback on
performance and/or stability. I have soft reconfig inbound enabled on
the current two feeds, I assume that this will make a difference in this
application with regards to available memory for all 4 feeds?



Thanks in advance




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