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On 05/31/2011 05:31 PM, Voll, Toivo wrote:
> Going to and hitting "Start IPv6 Test" I get:
> "Your system will continue to work for you on World IPv6 day. However, we found that your server only supports IPv4 at this time. You'll simply continue to use IPv4 to reach your favorite web sites."
> Netalyzr ( finds no issues with my IPv6 status, but alerts me to the fact (since confirmed by switching to IE) that Google Chrome defaults to IPv4 rather than IPv6, and consequently a lot of the testing tools claim that my IPv6 is broken.
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> Even more disturbing than that is that when I run a test from here it says
> that I have broken v6.  But I don't have broken v6 and proves
> it with a 10/10.  This Yahoo tool doesn't seem to even give a hint as to
> what it thinks is broken.
> Can anyone from Yahoo shed some light on what this tool is doing and how
> to get it to tell us what it thinks is broken?
Interesting - must be a windows issue, Google Chrome on Linux works fine at

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