Level 3's IRR Database

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Mon Jan 31 15:30:01 CST 2011

On 1/31/2011 3:06 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
> some folk will want to drop that, i encourage them to, and have done my
> best to see that they have the capability to do so.  i am in that camp.

I definitely recommend it as BCP.

> others fear rir and black helicopter control of their routing.  they may
> not want to drop the 'bad' announcement.  i tried to document how they
> might do so.

I think this is fine. It will fix a few minor problems (the problem 
network will have to be the same length or shorter to be ignored by 
pref), while keeping RPKI from solving the worst of them.

The best of both worlds, IMHO, is to allow all routes were are not 
specifically contrary to a valid route. ie, if RIR/government makes a 
route invalid, it will still work, unless there is an equal size or 
shorter route which is valid (ie, the government not only has to 
invalidate your route, but they also have to advertise your route or a 
covering route with a valid ROA).


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