Level 3's IRR Database

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Jan 31 14:53:28 CST 2011

>> well, i am not sure you want to discard it.  this is where the op has to
>> make a decision.  in a world of partial deployment and ops and customers
>> still learning how to deal with this stuff, should it be discarded?
> I agree and definitely understand the turnup viewpoint. However, RPKI is 
> useless if we don't discard invalid routes which are more specific than 
> valid covering routes. local pref doesn't override prefix length 
> decisions. Hijacks will continue to occur unless we issue discards... at 
> some point.

i think that is how i would run my network.  but those concerned about
*any* change, might prefer being vulnerable to the youtube accident.  we
all have choices.


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