Level 3's IRR Database

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Jan 31 01:18:06 CST 2011

> Based on this draft the recommended preference order is:
> 1) Validation ok
> 2) not found
> 3) Validation nok
> Suppose an operator would use local-pref to achieve this.
> This intention (preferring validated routes) will break, when there's a 
> more specific announcement that doesn't validate.
> For example the youtube incident would not have been stopped by doing this.

i do not understand your logic.

let's try to show the case

   666.42.0.0/16 has a roa for as 777
   666.42.1.0/24 has a roa for as 888

an announcement comes for 666.42.1.0/24 originating from as 999.  are
you implying that it should be marked valid?  i sure don't want it to.

an announcement for 666.42.0.0/16 from as 777 would still be valid.

so i am not sure what your point is.  please clarify with a concrete


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