[arin-announce] ARIN Resource Certification Update

sthaug at nethelp.no sthaug at nethelp.no
Sun Jan 30 10:28:04 CST 2011

> > - Hosted solutions offer a low barrier entry to smaller organizations
> > who simply cannot develop their own PKI infrastructure. This is the
> > case where they also lack the organizational skills to properly manage
> > the keys themselves, so, in most cases at least, they are *better off*
> > with a hosted solution
> > 
> They also offer an attractive target for miscreants with a huge payoff
> if they are ever compromised.
> > For RIPE, their hosted solution is clearly meeting expectations within
> > their region. Other region´s mileage may vary. I hope we (LACNIC) can
> > do just as well.
> > 
> We'll see how people feel after the first time it gets pwn3d.

I am already trusting RIPE with my data - specifically, RIPE publishes
route objects for my prefixes, and my transit providers generate their
prefix lists based on these route objects. I fail to see how a hosted
RPKI solution would make this situation worse.

Steinar Haug, Nethelp consulting, sthaug at nethelp.no

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