help needed - state of california needs a benchmark

Nathan Eisenberg nathan at
Sat Jan 29 12:49:17 CST 2011

> We've learned to pick our fights, and this isn't one of them.
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> Dan White

The most effective mechanism I've seen for explaining the problem is latency and VOIP.  Set up an artificially latency-ridden, high bandwidth connection, then connect to a PBX using a softphone.  One call is generally sufficient proof of the issue.

Ookla does offer another metric, at, which provides some valuable additional information.  You can therefore infer an argument by

Gov: is an authorative location for all testing. Anyone can host our test application, so that is clearly false.

Gov: The only important factor in certification is bandwidth to We offer other connection quality tests that don't rely on bandwidth.

I often find that statements people make rely on half-truths gleaned from other people, and that generally, the fastest way to conclude an argument is to go to the source and extract the complete truth, and then present in contrast.  It is difficult to argue with your own source.  :-)


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