DSL options in NYC for OOB access

Bill Stewart nonobvious at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 18:16:08 CST 2011

On 1/24/11, Andy Ashley <lists at nexus6.co.za> wrote:
> Im looking for a little advice about DSL circuits in New York,
> specifically at 111 8th Ave.
> Going to locate a console server there for out-of-band serial management.
> The router will need connectivity for remote telnet/ssh access from the NOC.

How much bandwidth do you need?  Is a dialup modem fast enough?
Traditional phone lines often give you a much different set of
reliability issues and common-mode failures than Internet
connectivity, which is good.
I've been very happy with Pushkablue's dialup out-of-band boxes, which
give you a serial console and power supply relays.
Similarly, if wireless works in the part of the building you're in,
and if the building allows you to have equipment that transmits radio
signals (some colos don't), that's another option, again, because it's
going to have different failures than the equipment you're

> I searched some obvious providers but dont really want to deal with a
> huge company (Verizon, Qwest, ?) if it can be avoided.
> Are there smaller/independent companies out there offering
> this sort of  thing?
> I dont know much about the US DSL market, so any hints are welcome.

If you don't know the market, then there's a whole lot of value
in dealing with the two or three dominant players for that city,
or the two dozen huge companies for the country,
as opposed to the hundreds or thousands of small players.
(Admittedly, having dealt with ZA's dominant player in a previous job,
I'd rather use anybody else also...)

             Thanks;     Bill

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