George Bonser gbonser at
Fri Jan 28 14:14:07 CST 2011

> Now that the holidays are over and IANA v4 depletion is likely days
> away, perhaps its time to consider stripping your bogon lists down to
> the bare minimum, and as someone else said, declare bogons dead and
> move to martians?
> Just sayin'

There are still some 7,000 prefixes in the v4 "full bogons" list.  These
are such things as allocations to RIR's but have not yet been allocated.
It's updated every four hours:

"    The traditional bogon prefixes, plus prefixes that have been
allocated to RIRs but not yet assigned by those RIRs to ISPs, end-users,
etc. Updated every four hours."

That is one probably best taken by BGP feed and not done manually.

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