Need provider suggestions - BGP transit over GRE tunnel

Robert Johnson fasterfourier at
Fri Jan 28 10:10:05 CST 2011

My organization is planning to become multihomed in the near future.
Currently we have redundant (router and physical path) links to a
single AS where we get our transit, and speak BGP to them using a
private ASN. This configuration has not been meeting our reliability
requirements, so we will be getting our own ASN from ARIN, and moving
from PA to PI IP space.

Our new provider will be used for backup purposes only. We would like
to minimize the monthly cost of this connection; to do this, we are
planning to use a VZ business FIOS connection with symmetrical
bandwidth to establish a GRE tunnel to a datacenter somewhere, and
bring up a BGP session over that tunnel. I'd like to know if there are
providers that offer such a service on a regular basis, and if so, if
anyone is doing this and has words of wisdom.

Thanks in advance.

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