[arin-announce] ARIN Resource Certification Update

Samuel Weiler weiler+lists.nanog at watson.org
Fri Jan 28 09:03:27 CST 2011

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On Mon, 24 Jan 2011, Danny McPherson wrote:

> I suspect I've sufficiently chummed the waters, I'll kick back and absorb
> all the reasons this is a whack idea :)

Short summary: it's not entirely whack, but no one has yet put forward a 
working data model.  The scheme in Bill Manning's INET'98 paper might have 
worked for classFUL addresses, but not CIDR.  I think there may have been 
similar problems with Lutz Donnerhacke and Wouter Wijngaards' scheme(s) from 

Joe Abley's problem statement on this list gets to one of the issues. Your 
answer to him of "New prefix-based RRs?  And perhaps even a new .arpa or 
in-addr.arpa subdomain" is a bit short on details.  I challenge you to work out 
the details.  Once we have something concrete, then we can pick apart why it 
won't work, tweak, and repeat.

-- Sam

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