Found: Who is responsible for no more IP addresses

Steven Bellovin smb at
Thu Jan 27 19:20:54 CST 2011

On Jan 27, 2011, at 4:53 22PM, mikea wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 12:26:58PM -0800, Mark Keymer wrote:
>> What I don't understand is I can only guess they must have a IT team.
>> And Maybe even 1 or more people that view this list. Why don't they just
>> talk to there own staff about the issues? Maybe one of the IT guess saw
>> the issues talked about the articles and contacted the news team about
>> the bad info. I donno. I agree they kind of did a poor job on this.
>> If you work at FOX maybe you should help get the news guys on the right
>> page. :)
> My experience working with newspaper and TV reporters leads me to believe
> that they can't recognize when they're on the wrong page, and will
> sacrifice accuracy to catchy titles and text "simplified" to the point
> of being ludicrously wrong -- at least when it comes to topics such as
> computers, networking, and spam. I certainly don't expect any better of
> Fox. 

Mmm...  I've dealt with the press a lot.  In general, the reporters from well-respected news organizations really are a lot better.  One can argue cause and effect; the fact remains that when I've talked to the NY Times, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, and the Washington Post, I've been a lot happier with what appeared than when, say, I've spoken with (quite literally) Entertainment Weekly.  No, the major outlets haven't been perfect, and I've occasionally spoken with reporters who, shall we say, didn't know which end the high-order bit was on; in general, though, my comments hold.

Fox?  Since I don't see that the Tea Party has any particular axe to grind here (the administration is neither pushing IPv6 on a reluctant private sector nor is it responsible for the forthcoming debacle), they're probably in the middle of the pack.

		--Steve Bellovin,

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