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Thu Jan 27 18:16:32 CST 2011

In message <alpine.BSF.2.00.1101271448000.15852 at goat.gigo.com>, Jason Fesler wr
> Several people have suggested I (re)post information about test-ipv6.com 
> here.
> http://test-ipv6.com  ..
>    tests ipv4 and ipv6 by dns name
>    tests dual stack (will the client break on World IPv6 Day?)
>    tests ipv6 by IP literal (teredo can pass this)
>    gives advice to end user about current status and (depending on
>      circumstances) more information
>    "broken" users (can't connect to dual stack) are solicited for info
>    Caution: does depend on javascript.
> http://test-ipv6.com/simple_test.html
>    Eyeball test only for user, with instructions; no javascript required.
> Please direct any comments, flames, etc directly to me instead of the 
> list.  I've added enough noise already  :-)

Note you can have totally broken IPv6 connectivity and still be
fine on World IPv6 day.  You just need applications with good
multi-homing support.  No web site can check this for you.

If you are a application developer and want TCP example code that
will work well with a broken IPv6 connection have a look at my blog.


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