Found: Who is responsible for no more IP addresses

Robert Mathews (OSIA) mathews at
Thu Jan 27 14:22:13 CST 2011

George, Wes E [NTK] wrote:

> The second one from several months ago is still borked:
> "IPv4, ... the unique 32-digit number used to identify each computer, website 
> or internet-connected device. ... The solution to the problem is IPv6, which 
> uses a 128-digit address." So, first it was 32 digits, then it was 4 digits...
> .....
> Wes George

Confusion can be purposeful.   See

Perhaps, it would be possible to effect some - *to switch-off* their 
netted computers/devices for a period no less than 6 months - such that 
their computers/devices are able to properly adjust to changes.   O:-)


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