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I have not seen this in the discussion yet.


CPE support does not seem to be very broad yet.
As far as I can see there is almost PPPoE only for IPv6 in Europe.

In Germany cable is a mess by regulation. So no cable/dhcp.

There used to be a DTAG monopoly with aDSL only and PPPoE only.
Most ISPs still rely on the DTAG infrastructure. That is why
very PPPoE biased.

There is a high concentration of AVM in the CPE with Infineon
chipsets in both DSLAM and DSL-Modem / Router

--- OT ---
Living in the outback with DSL-1000 max I made some tests with
CIS-modem, Broadcom Cipset (Hitachi) and Infineon/AVM.

The CIS-modem is no longer sold but far superior to the others.
I had trouble to get some of the Broadcoms working.
Replacing the power supply unit (wallwart, not regulated) with
a regulated and filtered 13.5 volts power supply unit for my hamradio
both the bradcoms and the AVW worked almost a good as the CIS-modem.

Some of you might remember tuneable hum noise in ancient am-radios.
That noise could be cured by shunting the rectifiers with 4.7 nano
farad capacitors. The spectrum of the modem shows a lattice that
goes away with a reulated and filtered power source.

Of coarse you cannot spend a week experimenting at any client site.
So excuse the noise.
--- /OT ---

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