Future of the IPv6 CPE survey on RIPE Labs - Your Input Needed

Dan White dwhite at olp.net
Thu Jan 27 09:25:03 CST 2011

On 27/01/11 08:17 -0600, Jack Bates wrote:
>On 1/27/2011 12:57 AM, Frank Bulk wrote:
>>Have you looked at D-Link's DIR-825?  It has most of the things you're
>>looking for.  The DIR-655 is a more affordable option.
>Haven't had the chance to look at that one. Will check it out.
>>In regards to (2), is it even possible to do DHCPv6-PD on with a SLAAC WAN?
>It had better be, as IOS 12.2 SRE only supports SLAAC + DHCPv6-PD. 
>Most of the Cisco documentation I've seen, says that is their 
>beautiful layout. No more proxyarp/nd. Instead, assign a /64 to each 
>subinterface, perform SLAAC, then hand out prefixes via DHCPv6-PD if 
>someone needs a prefix.

The DIR-825(Rev B) running firmware 2.05NA does. From the status screen:

IPv6 Connection Type :         Autoconfiguration (SLAAC/DHCPv6)
Network Status :               Connected
WAN IPv6 Address :             2610:b8:0:234:218:e7ff:fef8:66dc/64
IPv6 Default Gateway :         fe80::c67d:4fff:fed6:5401
LAN IPv6 Address :             2610:b8:100f:1:218:e7ff:fef8:66db/64
LAN IPv6 Link-Local Address :  fe80::218:e7ff:fef8:66db/64
Primary IPv6 DNS Server :      2610:b8:0:3:215:c5ff:fef3:f9c8
Secondary IPv6 DNS Server :    2610:b8:0:3:215:c5ff:feee:9448
DHCP-PD :                      Enabled
IPv6 network assigned
by DHCP-PD :                   2610:b8:100f::/48

The latest firmware has fairly good support, but is lacking configurable v6
firewall settings. I haven't done any firewall testing yet, but I'd imagine
all incoming v6 connections are blocked.

The Emulator hasn't been updated yet to reflect the options in the new
firmware, but this should give you an idea of what the configuration looks


The DIR-615 should have similar support, but I haven't upgraded it yet.

We're also evaluating a Netgear NWR3500U, which also has v6 support.
However, it has the problem that whatever subnet mask is assigned via
DHCP-PD is assign on the LAN (so the LAN gets a /48 instead of a /64).
Anybody found a work around for that, or have a contact at Netgear? 

Dan White

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