Using IPv6 with prefixes shorter than a /64 on a LAN

Karl Auer kauer at
Wed Jan 26 18:44:38 CST 2011

On Wed, 2011-01-26 at 11:53 +0700, Roland Dobbins wrote:
> On Jan 26, 2011, at 11:37 AM, Adrian Chadd wrote:
> The supreme irony of this situation is that folks who're convinced
> that there's no way we can even run out of addresses often accuse
> those of us who're plentitude-skeptics of old-fashioned thinking;
> whereas there's a strong case to be made that those very same vocal
> advocates of the plentitude position seem to be assuming that the
> assignment and consumption of IPv6 addresses (and networking
> technology and the Internet in general) will continue to be
> constrained by the current four-decade-old paradigm into the
> foreseeable future.

Both positions are wrong, but the plenitudinists are more right :-)

As long as we allow ourselves to be limited in our thinking by numbers
(which are infinite by their very nature), we will be - well, limited in
our thinking.

So let's get rid of the limitation in our minds. IPv6 provides
*effectively* unlimited address space, even if it's only "for now". So
let's USE it that way. Let's unlearn our limited thinking patterns.
Let's go colonise infinity. And if we need to fix it in a few decades,
so what? Nothing is forever.

As Mark Twain suggested, let's "live like it's heaven on earth".

Regards, K.

PS: I saw a great t-shirt recently, ideal for your next IPv6 conference:
    "The time for action is past
    - now is the time for senseless bickering".

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