Ipv6 for the content provider

Dale W. Carder dwcarder at wisc.edu
Wed Jan 26 13:45:12 CST 2011

Thus spake Leo Bicknell (bicknell at ufp.org) on Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 10:55:26AM -0800:
> The layer 3 part for you is really simple.  Here's a deployment model we
> use a number of places.  I'm going to assume you have a /48, from ARIN
> or your upstream.
> Lay out your networks as:
>   AAAA:BBBB:CCCC:<vlan>::/64
> The AAAA:BBBB:CCCC::/48 was given to you by ARIN/your upstream.
> For VLAN I recommend being human friendly and making vlan 10 be
> AAAA:BBBB:CCCC:0010::/64, even though that's technically 16 in Hex.

At our site, we very strongly discourage mapping like this.  Your addressing
plan will outlive your infrastructure, and you will be stuck with it until 
renumbering is no longer hard.


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