Ipv6 for the content provider

Graham Beneke graham at apolix.co.za
Wed Jan 26 12:50:27 CST 2011

On 26/01/2011 20:22, Charles N Wyble wrote:
> For the most part, I'm a data center/application administrator/content
> provider kind of guy. As such, I want to provide all my web content over
> ipv6, and support ipv6 SMTP.  What are folks doing in this regard?
> Do I just need to assign ip addresses to my servers, add AAAA records to
> my DNS server and that's it? I'm running PowerDNS for DNS, Apache for
> WWW. Postfix for SMTP.

I haven't worked with Postfix recently but Exim on a default config will 
start talking IPv6 as soon as it has connectivity. Just be careful of 
this since you need to make sure that all your rDNS, SPF, etc ducks are 
in a row before you give it IPv6 since it can start delivering mail via 
IPv6 with very little encouragement.

With Apache I've had some funnies with how it binds (or fails) to IPv4 
and IPv6 sockets at startup. Once you're over that hurdle I've found 
that the majority of open source web apps either support IPv6 or are 
designed correctly to not be impacted by other layers in the network stack.

Its important to keep a close eye on logs and also don't roll out to all 
your servers in one go. The gradual migration to dual stack has been 
fairly painless for me.

Graham Beneke

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