Another v6 question

Michiel Klaver michiel at
Wed Jan 26 03:04:44 CST 2011

At 22-07-28164 20:59, Max Pierson wrote:
> > From the provider perspective, what is the prefix-length that most are
> accepting to be injected into your tables??  2 or so years ago, I read where
> someone stated that they were told by ATT that they weren't planning on
> accepting anything smaller than a /32. So what if I get my shiny new /48
> from ARIN and am already multi-homed??? Does ATT not want my business (which
> they wouldn't get if the first place, but for argument sake, yes, I chose to
> pick on ATT, sorry if I offended anyone :)  I already see /40's /48's ,etc
> in the v6 table, so some folks are allowing /48 and smaller, so what is the
> new /24 in v6?

Hi Max,

There is a Wikipedia article all about that: 

And here is some more information about subnetting your IPv6 network:

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