[arin-announce] ARIN Resource Certification Update

Richard Barnes richard.barnes at gmail.com
Mon Jan 24 20:21:15 CST 2011

On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 9:16 PM, Danny McPherson <danny at tcb.net> wrote:
> On Jan 24, 2011, at 9:02 PM, Joe Abley wrote:
>> In this case the DNS delegations go directly from RIR to C; there's no opportunity for A or B to sign intermediate zones, and hence no opportunity for them to indicate the legitimacy of the allocation.
>> As a thought experiment, how would you see this working?
> New prefix-based RRs?  And perhaps even a new .arpa or
> in-addr.arpa subdomain, the draft Randy referenced even
> discussed the latter, IIRC.
> -danny

The more you have to invent, though, the more this sounds like a
bike-shed discussion.
s/delegating reverse "prefix" zone/signing RPKI delegation certificate/g

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