DSL options in NYC for OOB access

Andy Ashley lists at nexus6.co.za
Mon Jan 24 16:04:25 CST 2011


Im looking for a little advice about DSL circuits in New York, 
specifically at 111 8th Ave.
Going to locate a console server there for out-of-band serial management.
The router will need connectivity for remote telnet/ssh access from the NOC.

Looking for a low speed (and low cost) DSL line with a fixed IP.
I searched some obvious providers but dont really want to deal with a 
huge company (Verizon, Qwest, ?) if it can be avoided.
Also $80-100+ seems a lot for something that will be used very rarely, 
but maybe those prices are normal.

Are there smaller/independent companies out there offering this sort of 
I dont know much about the US DSL market, so any hints are welcome.


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