anyone running GPS clocks in Southeastern Georgia?

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Fri Jan 21 13:37:44 CST 2011

"Matlock, Kenneth L" <MatlockK at> writes:

> Probably related to:
> utheastern-us-due-to-defens/
> Sounds like they're doing 'tests' on GPS near SE Georgia.

Yes, very likely related considering that the map from the NOTAM is
published on the engadget site.  :-)

The questions I implied are twofold:

Firstly (idle curiosity) - does anyone have further publicly
divulgable details on what's apparently a terrestrial jammer test or
maybe an operational exercise involving the Bermuda Triangle and
making planes and ships disappear...

Secondly (operationally motivated) - I'd be interested to hear of any
issues experienced by folks using GPS as a (terrestrial) NTP
discipline source.


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