Verizon FiOS Distribution Switch

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Fri Jan 21 09:11:54 CST 2011

On 1/19/11 3:56 PM, "Chris Burwell" <cburwell at> wrote:
> Any advice or tips would be helpful.

If all you need the ActionTek for is a MoCA bridge (to make the cable boxes
talk to the larger world), my experience is you can move it to the inside of
your NAT if you like. One does not need to burn a routable IP for it.

On 1/19/11 5:25 PM, "Mike" <mike-nanog at> wrote:
> also add 'nonegotiate' and turn off spanning tree on the port while
> you're at it. There's a list somewhere of standard stuff when connecting
> to an untrusted l2 network, which is what you should treat anything
> (including FiOS) connecting to you that you don't own.

Nonegotiate doesn't touch STP. It stops the switchport from sending DTP
frames, but one wouldn't be attempting to establish a trunk to a FiOS ONT.

To stop a port from participating in spanning tree, one would want some
combination of global and interface bpduguard and bpdufilter. Which
combination you want seems to vary with every Cisco Press book and document,
and every engineer has a different idea of which is correct. One is best off
labbing it out themselves with the equipment they intend to use.

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