Looking for an Akamai contact, strange DoS traffic sourcing from Akamai sources

Tom Beecher tbeecher at localnet.com
Thu Jan 20 15:04:48 CST 2011

I'm looking for an Akamai contact to try and address a strange situation.

We have multiple sites across the country that aggregate 56k dialup 
customers. Different sites are randomly experiencing inbound traffic 
spikes that are overwhelming the uplinks to our carriers, causing DoS 
situations.  These spikes far exceed the bandwidth that could possibly 
be used by the number of dialup customers connected. We've been able to 
trace the source of the traffic to Akamai boxes, but so far have been 
unable to reach anyone at Akamai to discuss the situation. We're 
attempting to get payload information, but the traffic volume is making 
it slow going setting up packet captures at these sites remotely.

Thanks in advance,


Thomas Beecher II
Senior Network Administrator
LocalNet Corp.
CoreComm Internet Services
tbeecher at localnet.com

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