NAT-PT or NAT64 in real life

Mikhail Strizhov strizhov at
Wed Jan 19 17:24:22 UTC 2011


I didn't use NAT-PT, but have lot of experience with NAT64/DNS64.
We've deployed NAT64 with DNS64 in our test lab with last Fedora linux 
workstations , so far, it works fine.

Mikhail Strizhov
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On 01/19/2011 02:18 AM, jarod smith wrote:
> Although it would seem that double-stack is still the preferred method of linux
> distribution, I want my next deployed in IPv6 only.
> For linux there is NAT-PT tomicki and NAT64 Viagenie.
> I don't have Cisco equipment although I'd like tested their NAT-PT, even if
> it's obsolete.
> Are some of you have installed one of these two implementations in
> production on recent versions of linux? Is it stable, secure, ... ?
> Regards

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