Software DNS hghi availability and load balancer solution

david raistrick drais at
Tue Jan 18 18:01:19 CST 2011

> On 01/18/2011 09:42 AM, Sergey Voropaev wrote:
>> Does any one know software sollutions (free is preferable) like as cisco GSS
>> and F5 BIG-IP? The main point is that DNS-server (or dns server plugin) must
>> be able to monitor server availability (for example by TCP connect) and from
>> DNS-reply depends on it.

On Tue, 18 Jan 2011, Charles N Wyble wrote:
> Ha-proxy and linux virtual server are popular packages.

Neither of these do DNS.   He asked about DNS based loadbalancing (also 
known as GSLB, among other things) software packages....

david raistrick
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