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On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 3:49 PM, Dorn Hetzel <dorn at> wrote:
> If it wouldn't be too ugly, could this be circumvented by having the web
> application continually do its next operation against an incrementing
> subhost name like syymmddhhmmss or in order to convince
> the local browser and client os to do a fresh lookup?

Hi Dorn,

There's an efficiency problem where you can no longer pipeline http
requests and have to delay every http request while a DNS lookup
happens. Also it'd probably crush your google pagerank.  And you still
wouldn't get around the javascript in your web 2.0 pages needing to go
back to the same server name it came from in order to update the
content on those pages.

The custom name strategy does have some other really neat applications
though. You can track a session without setting a cookie. And consider
a large email system: suppose you encode the account name in the
server name and then point that encoded name to the server which
actually holds that user's account? You can eliminate the expensive
front-end that multiplexes user access to the backend servers.

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