Request Spamhaus contact

JC Dill jcdill.lists at
Mon Jan 17 22:59:20 CST 2011

On 17/01/11 5:40 PM, Jeffrey Lyon wrote:
> I'm not a spammer. I'm an ISP asking to be removed from Spamhaus for
> having fixed the SBL listings set in the last<  72 hours. I'm not
> exactally ROKSO material.
> Jeff
> On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 8:07 PM, Chris Owen<owenc at>  wrote:
>> On Jan 17, 2011, at 6:42 PM, Jeffrey Lyon wrote:
>>> I fat fingered the netmask, try now.
>> I've asked privately but would it really be too much to take this off NANOG?
>> Spammer complaining he is on a RBL is hardly relevant.
>> Chris


First, please quit with the top posting Jeff.  (I refer you to the NANOG 
FAQ for elaboration on why this is not an acceptable format for posting 
to this list.)

Second, this entire thread IS OFF TOPIC for NANOG.  Which you would know 
if you had bothered to read the FAQ before posting.  There are many 
discussion forums for talking about spam and RBLs, and NANOG is not one 
of them.

Third, you are not doing your reputation any good with this thread.  
Your entire tone is one of "I'm so important that the rules don't apply 
to me.  They need to stop blocking me right now.  Even when I'm wrong 
(when spammer's sites are still active because I don't know how to 
properly null-route their IPs, or shut down their server, or I fat 
fingered the "fix" and didn't bother to double check that it's really 
blocked now.  They still need to stop blocking me Right Now."  You may 
not be aware that this list is publicly archived on the web in several 
different locations.  Anyone who bothers to google your name (e.g. a 
future employer) is likely to discover this thread and be less than 
impressed.  Any future posts are only going to add to the problem, not 
help fix it.


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