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Jeffrey Lyon jeffrey.lyon at
Mon Jan 17 20:34:49 CST 2011

We were offering a privacy protected domain registration service at
one point which we have since discontinued for obvious reasons.


On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 8:29 PM, Andrew Kirch <trelane at> wrote:
>> Raymond,
>> I do not take you for a fool, the assignment is legitimately null
>> routed. My traceroutes are dropping at my home ISP.
>> Jeff
> Come on Jeff, I googled the listed address for, and look
> what comes up:
> <>
> Scams, spam, garbage, etc.  Guys, it looks like we are dealing with the
> spammer/scammer himself.
> The quicker his peering turfs him, the better.  Incidentally, this /21
> is being announced using MZIMA's
> AS number... (providing our much needed EFNet Connection) This is very
> interesting.  Couldn't you
> afford your own?
> Andrew

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