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On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 8:44 PM, Mark Scholten <mark at> wrote:
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>> Sent: Tuesday, January 18, 2011 2:32 AM
>> I've already stated that i'm having the server powered down. What else
>> do you people want? Why not focus your energy on the providers who are
>> NOT responding to complaints?
>> Jeff
> Actual action taken would be nice idea. After the server is powered down
> feel free to inform us about that fact. Don't say that you did nullroute
> something that we can see that that is a lie. If you need to wait for
> someone else mention that it will be solved within XX hours and inform
> everyone when it is done.
> I (and probably others) would like to know when the nullroute will be in
> place or the server is taken down.
> Sometimes I also need some time to process something, in such cases I
> mention that it could take X hour or reply after it has been fixed.
> Regards, Mark
> PS.: If providers don't reply at all we have our own (internal) blacklist.
> If they reply and say that they'll fix it within a day we normally don't put
> them on the internal blacklist.


All of my sources were routing through Telia, I had no idea that PCCW
was not accepting the tags. The null routes were set immediately once
this issue came to my attention and the server was powered down
immediately once I determined that PCCW was not accepting the discard

I've listened to and acted on every single Spamhaus listing since the
founding of this company and all of a sudden in late 2010 a couple of
pharmacy spammers pick up a dedicated server, thus warranting full
blown witch trials on our company.

I was very polite with Spamhaus at first but so far i've been treated
like garbage. You would be angry as well.

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