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On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 8:22 PM, Jeffrey Lyon
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> Is it NANOG/Spamhaus' job to punish us or perhaps its better to simply
> be satisfied that we're listening to what is being said?


Neither is correct. It's Spamhaus' job to flag the folks who haven't
done a rudimentary job of keeping criminals off their network so that
the rest of us can more easily keep them out of ours. It's NANOG's job
to help us all communicate so that those who have a desire to fix
operational problems can find and understand the key knowledge we need
to do so.

Spamhaus has provided you with the keys to the knowledge you need to
fix the criminal intrusion into your network and these past few
messages on NANOG have hopefully helped you understand that knowledge.
If you have a desire to fix the operational problem, the rest is
really up to you.

Bill Herrin

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