{Spam?} Re: Request Spamhaus contact

Jeroen van Aart jeroen at mompl.net
Mon Jan 17 19:34:30 CST 2011

Nick Hilliard wrote:
> Summarising other people positions: a functional abuse desk, a less 
> defensive attitude when people point out serious abuse going on in your 
> network, and the slightest inclination to investigate really serious 
> crap on your network when it's brought to your attention in the clearest 
> terms possible.

> p.s. less megaphone diplomacy would help, if you can clean enough egg 
> off your face to manage this.

I appreciate the effort, but it's pretty much impossible to "convert" 
someone who is a spammer or who hosts spammmers, or both, and make them 
behave in an appropriate manner.

The best approach is to block and forget.



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