Request Spamhaus contact

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at
Tue Jan 18 01:26:12 UTC 2011


>>> I do not take you for a fool, the assignment is legitimately null
>>> routed. My traceroutes are dropping at my home ISP.

>> I call bollocks.  It's alive and kicking via BGP here.
>> edge1.lax01# show ip bgp
>> BGP routing table entry for, version 2014041464
>> Paths: (6 available, best #3, table default)
>> [...]
>> And I can reach it from my house.
>> William

> So it's dead on Cox Cable and the L3 Looking Glass but not at your
> house? How is that possible?

Its your network isnt it. If you dont know whats happening. ...

Mail me your router logins and i'll make sure its peoperly null routed. 
And some more.


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