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Jeffrey Lyon jeffrey.lyon at
Mon Jan 17 18:33:42 CST 2011


We've acted on every report that we're aware of and instead you want
to play pharmacy domain scavenger hunt. This domain at
redirects to IP space we already null routed. It's the same customer.

Just to calm your nerves we'll also null route that space (

Thanks, Jeff

P.S. Someone at Spamhaus PLEASE remove the /21 listing?

On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 7:25 PM, Raymond Dijkxhoorn
<raymond at> wrote:
> Hi!
>> Spam does not make me nervous, it's a practical matter that we will
>> address in due course. The null routes we have set are pretty recent
>> so you may have received some spam prior to that time but I absolutely
>> guarantee you that it did not come from our network, otherwise we
>> would have detected it and stopped it on the spot.
>>> Thats not your IP space? Really? How come.
>>> apothekeosterreich .at ->
>>> vertrouwdeapotheek .nl ->
>>> viagra-shopping .com ->
>>> medicin-24 .com ->
>>> apothekeohnerezept .at ->
>>> www.medicin-24 .com ->
>>> www.viagra-shopping .com ->
>>> This is just like 3 minutes digging in todays spamfolders.
> www.apothekeosterreich .at is still up at the mentioned ip. Instead of
> telling you are soooo good on terminating stuff. Can you walk over the list
> and act?
> I have sended in many requests for termination. You or your network dont
> respond to this at all.
> Its a waste of time even telling it seems.
> I will stop posting here, spam-l is a much better place for this. But please
> dont act like you dont know anything whats going on. You have been warned.
> You have gotten many many reports. But we dont see stuff changing.
> Good luck with your listing at SpamHaus.
> Bye,
> Raymond.

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