Single AS Number for multiple prefixes in different country

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Mon Jan 17 15:06:26 CST 2011

Le lundi 17 janvier 2011 à 12:00 -0800, Michel de Nostredame a écrit :
> On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 12:20 AM, Patrick W. Gilmore <patrick at> wrote:
> > On Jan 17, 2011, at 12:32 AM, Michel de Nostredame wrote:
> > I do not think that paragraph means what you think it means.
> > I've seen my own AS in full tables from upstreams using Juniper routers many times.
> According to the problem I had, the behavior is more like
> "when I receive asX from 1st direct link, I will not send to asX on
> 2nd direct link by default."
> For example,
> I (say as#65001) advertised " ^65001$" on 1st link to my
> ISP, say as#65000.
> and advertise " ^65001$" to the same ISP on 2nd link.
> Then,
> I will not receive " ^65000 65001$" on 1st link,
> and will not receive " ^65000 65001$" on 2nd link.
> I believe my ISP did not intentionally filter out my routes,
> but it more like default behavior as described in document.
> Setting up default-route on both of my border routers addressed the needs.
> After we established the leased line between two sites,
> we no longer need to send cross site traffic via ISP.

I feel, asking to recieve (and use) default route appears "cleaner" than
hacking routing protocol ways. Unless, one does as you just did. Right?



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