Is NAT can provide some kind of protection?

Frank Bulk frnkblk at
Sat Jan 15 18:21:52 CST 2011

I hope the engineers in the organization will just tell their marketing folk
that it's not possible to hand out just one IPv6 address.  "Our hardware
doesn't support it."

I think there's still room for ISPs to charge $10/month for a static prefix,
though.  And that's technically possible.


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> On Sat, 15 Jan 2011, Brian Keefer wrote:
> > Actually there are a couple very compelling reasons why PAT will 
> > probably be implemented for IPv6:
> You are neglecting the most important reason, much to my own disdain. 
> Service providers will continue to assign only a single IP address to 
> residential users unless they pay an additional fee for additional 
> addresses.

How do you know - have you asked 100% of the service providers out
there and they've said unanimously that they're only going to supply a
single IPv6 address?

>  Since many residential users won't stand for an additional 
> fee, pressure will be placed on CPE vendors to include v6 PAT in their 
> devices.
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