BGP route-map options

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Fri Jan 14 11:51:56 CST 2011

Try doing it under the 'address-family ipv4'?

I've never seen any version of IOS not take it.

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Following a few documents on how to use route-maps to set preference of routes (related to my last thread regarding asymmetrical routing) all the ones I have looked at today (about 6or so) use the below method to apply the route map under the router section:

router bgp YOURAS#
neighbour x.x.x.x remote-as AS#
neighbour x.x.x.x route-map MAPNAME in

yet in the last line,  "route-map"  is not an option on my router,  which is an ASR1004 running the version 15 line of code.

is there a new way to do this?

don't you love Cisco's consistency?

thanks much for your time again,


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