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Joe Hamelin joe at
Fri Jan 14 05:50:05 CST 2011

On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 1:50 AM, Randy Bush <randy at> wrote:
> i'm with jon and the static crew.  brutal but simple.

My name is Joe, not jon,  Randy.

But what can I expect from a man that used the phrase "tell him to go
fuck himself" when I put my hand out in greeting back at Atlanta NANOG
in 2001, when your company sales person mentioned that I should meet
you. (I was only the BGP driver and pipe buyer for Amazon at the

Even Vixie had a bit more class after I asked him a question at LISA
96 and all he said was "RTMfF. Next!" in his receiving line for
questions about BIND.. (The same LISA where Larry was selling his
first PERL book, signing shirts with Tom and Randal.) Six years later
in Seattle he gave thoughtful consideration and an insightful answer
to another question.   (He had a bit of a cold that day and may have
been off-game.)

You Internet demigods need a clue stick to the head and understand
that not all of us are as smart as you and we need your advice at
times. We would much appreciate you not talking down to us when you do
decide to send words from above.  BTW: Do the clouds under Mt Olympus
filter out caps?

Randy, I know my solution was right.  I don't need your blessing.

Go fuck yourself.

-Joe Hamelin

PS: Thank you Jim.  Always a pleasure working with (or interviewing) you.

Joe Hamelin, W7COM, Tulalip, WA, 360-474-7474

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