co-location and access to your server

Jeroen van Aart jeroen at
Thu Jan 13 16:30:30 CST 2011

JC Dill wrote:
> Scruz is ~30-45 minutes from the heart of the internet on the west coast 
> (Silicon Valley).  If your $dayjob isn't in scruz, then it's most likely 
> IN Silicon Valley.  So locate your 1U server in Silicon Valley, where 

Yes it's in the Valley and I do consider locating it there. But I would 
like to do the whole "support your local business" thing. And the idea 
of being able to get to the server within 10 minutes is appealing.

> have a longer drive to the colo.  But it does no you good to locate your 
> server in a "closer" colo if you can't access it at night anyway!

True, it's one of the reasons I was nitpicking about it. No 24/7 access 
eliminates one big advantage.

>  From the colo provider's perspective, 1U clients are the least 
> profitable clients.  Setting them up and servicing them involves the 
> most paperwork and communication "per dollar"

I understand. I did emphasize in my communications I expect the 1U to 
expand in the future. It's just a starting point. Though so far no 
answer. Thanks for your pointer wrt layer42, I will certainly look into it.



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