Is Cisco equpiment de facto for you?

b nickell nickellman at
Thu Jan 13 16:13:38 CST 2011

Cheers.. to M.A.R.'s related view

On Jan 13, 2011 12:37 PM, "Michael Ruiz" <mruiz at> wrote:

I know where I have worked we have had a mixture of Juniper and Cisco
equipment.  Personally buying a Juniper Router like a M or a T series is
like buying a Ferrari. I like Cisco personally and they are cheaper than
buying a Juniper.  For example a M-series is always going to cost some
bucks after you factor the FPC and the PICS that need to be loaded.
Personally I like the JUNOS system better than the Cisco IOS, it is more
tech friendly when troubleshooting issues.  I have not worked on the new
IOS-NX system, but if I understand it correctly it is modular.  If Cisco
can the really cool Monitor command and the structure the command tree
like a Juniper.  I would think Cisco did something totally right.


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