Is Cisco equpiment de facto for you?

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Thu Jan 13 13:57:54 CST 2011

In a message written on Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 01:48:27PM -0600, Michael Ruiz wrote:
> Yeah another thing I love about the JUNOS is the rollback command.  Whew
> I can tell you a few times where that has saved my bacon a few times and
> the commit and check command. :-)

Cisco marketing seems to have dropped the ball on this one, but IOS
has had a feature that allows you to save a number of configurations,
do diff's, and generally behave similar to the JunOS method for
quite a while.  You'll want to check out the "archive" command.

The only thing I can tell that's really missing is "commit confirmed" in
JunOS, and of course it operates differently so people may or may not
like it.

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