IPv6 prefix lengths

Randy Carpenter rcarpen at network1.net
Wed Jan 12 22:02:33 CST 2011

If you are going to have each site connected separately to the outside world, you will want a /48 for each site.

If you are going to aggregate them internally, you can use whatever you want, although you should be able to get a /48 for each site anyway.

You don't want to announce anything longer than a /48 to the outside world.


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> Hi all,
> What IPv6 prefix lengths are people accepting in BGP from
> peers/customers? My employer just got a /48 allocation from ARIN, and
> we're trying to figure out how to support multiple end sites out of
> this (probably around 10). I was thinking about assigning a /56 per
> site, but looking at the BGP table stats on potaroo.net [1], it looks
> like this is not too common (only .29% of prefixes). Thoughts?
> Thanks,
> --Richard
> [1] <http://bgp.potaroo.net/v6/as2.0/index.html>

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