co-location and access to your server

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On 01/12/2011 06:57 PM, Justin Scott wrote:
>> I was thinking that it was great just to find someone these days
>> that would accept a one-off server and that should be enough to
>> be thankful for!
> Especially true with providers like SoftLayer which can turn up a
> fully dedicated server to spec at any of several locations within a
> few hours.  No hardware to manage or worrying about getting direct
> access at all.  They even give you the ability to cycle the outlet(s)
> the server is plugged into if needed.  Unless there is some really
> specialized hardware, location-specific or regulatory need, I couldn't
> imagine a desire to deal with putting my own single box at a co-lo
> anymore.  Of course, since you're leasing the box you pay a premium
> over a pure bare-bones co-lo, but it vastly simplifies things.

That's true.  Most dedicated server providers will get you remote power
outlet control and many can get you remote console (IPMI, DRAC) as an
included feature, so you can take care of almost all administration on
your own, including OS reinstalls and fscks.

There's still sometimes an edge in price and control when you use your
own hardware and that's definitely worth it for some.

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