Cisco Sanitization

JC Dill jcdill.lists at
Wed Jan 12 13:41:18 CST 2011

  On 12/01/11 11:05 AM, Randy Bush wrote:
>> Well, here it is. Perhaps you might consider getting a gmail or other
>> account, and posting on NANOG from there. Either that, or filter Randy
>> out. Personally, I find those silly disclaimers annoying, but am far too
>> lazy to set up a script such as Randy has.
> disclaimers used to be against nanog list policy.


If you want to cite list policy, let's start by noting that it's a clear 
violation of the nanog list AUP to setup an autoresponder reply to list 
email[1], no matter if the autoresponder replies to the list or just to 
the poster.  You must whitelist email from the list before applying an 
autoresponder.  If you don't want to see the disclaimer-laden emails, 
then you can whitelist, then send posts with disclaimers (along with all 
other posts you don't care to read) to dev/null.

OTOH, there is nothing in the AUP about disclaimers.  Disclaimers, top 
posting, excessive quoting, etc. are discouraged (considered poor 
netiquette) but not outright forbidden.



8)  Autoresponders sending mail either to the list or to the poster are 

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