Is NAT can provide some kind of protection?

Nathan Eisenberg nathan at
Wed Jan 12 11:52:15 CST 2011

> And yet blaster type worms are less common now, and I still get the
> occasional reinfection reported where a computer shop installs XP pre-patch
> with a public IP. A simple stateful firewall or NAT router would stop that and
> allow them to finish patching the OS. There is always a new attack vector.
> Jack

I'd argue that the above has everything to do with firewalling, and nothing to do with NAT.

Slightly OT: It boggles the mind a bit when I find desktop shops -not- using imaging.  I would think most people would prefer not to stare at OS install screens - and when you can blast out a fully patched XP image easily in sub-10 minutes, the ROI is staggering.


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