Cisco Sanitization

Lynda shrdlu at
Wed Jan 12 10:19:56 CST 2011

On 1/12/2011 8:04 AM, Greg Whynott wrote:

> list,  sorry for this but this is getting a little annoying.  I've
> tried sending Randy email without luck.. think i'm black listed by
> his kit,  so if someone would kindly forward this to him…

Well, here it is. Perhaps you might consider getting a gmail or other 
account, and posting on NANOG from there. Either that, or filter Randy 
out. Personally, I find those silly disclaimers annoying, but am far too 
lazy to set up a script such as Randy has.

You don't want to be annoyed? Lose the disclaimer, use a different email 
address, or filter Randy out. This is NOT the first time you've 
complained about this (although we know, for sure, that Randy is going 
to send this off, automagically, to anyone that has the silly disclaimer 
thing going for them). Get over it. Please don't post on this again. 
Thanks in advance.

Amor fati. Vale. (Seneca)

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